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    Customer service is not a department, it’s everyone’s job at Akidev.

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    We help you align your enterprise applications with the business objectives.

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    Compliance is everyone’s responsibility

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    Our Approach to Analytics can help make hidden opportunities seem obvious.

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    Every member of a team has a special role to play.

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About Us

We do things differently, company providing key IT and Compliance services.
Focused on helping our clients to build a successful business on web, cloud and mobile.

Company - Serving our clients and helping them solve toughest problems.

Silicon Valley's leading Service Company providing Technology Consulting, Compliance Consulting & Offshore Outsourcing Services.

Our Approach - Focused on helping our clients to build a successful business

Akidev strives to provide services to its clients with emphasis on continuous improvement, pro-active approach, courtesy, timely response..

Responsibility - At Akidev, giving is our DNA and has been from the start!

However small we may be, we believe that we have an obligation to help those who are less fortunate and under privileged.

Meet Our Team

We meet and get to know you. You tell us and we listen.
We build your website to realise your vision and we deliver the ready product.

    Rachna Jawa

    / CEO and Founder

    Rachna has been CEO of Akidev since its inception. She is responsible for setting the strategic direction and managing the core operations of the business. She plays an instrumental role in championing the company’s initiative in the healthcare segment. She is guiding Akidev to become one of the thought leaders in compliance, analytics and cloud computing. Rachna is a SJSU alumni and holds a MS degree.

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    Shalesh Jawa

    / Co-founder and Biz Dev head

    Shalesh brings over 20 years of multi-disciplined experience to Akidev. Shalesh has a successful track record of building businesses from the early stages to market leadership. Shalesh was most recently the CEO and founder of Stratitude, Inc. and helped grow the company from start-up to become a leader in the cloud services space. He added multiple Fortune 500 clients like Cisco, Symantec, Yahoo, Tesla and others to portfolio. Prior to founding Stratitude in 2006, Shalesh worked with Ramco Systems, Microland and Fujitsu-ICIM. Shalesh holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from BIT-Bangalore.

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    Ram Gopalan

    / Advisor

    Ram, a serial entrepreneur, has over 25 years of experience in marketing, general management, and business development capacities in Silicon Valley, California. He has co-founded several successful companies and has helped a number of other startup efforts with their strategy, positioning, and fundraising. Ram is experienced in identifying strategic directions, and building teams and businesses. As an advisor, Ram provides the strategic vision to Akidev and aides with business development. Ram holds graduate degrees in Electrical Engineering from IIT/Delhi and UNB/Canada as well as an executive MBA from Stanford University.

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    Venkatesh Nagarajan

    / Advisor

    Venkatesh is an expert in the finance industry with a deep understanding of technology, a rare combination that enables him to provide holistic strategic advisory to Akidev. With experience spanning over 20 years with blue-chip technology firms like HP, GE, Dell and MergerTech, he is an expert in areas including Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), Risk Management / Assessment, Corporate Development and Profit & Loss (P&L). He is currently the co-founder of Sanspareil Corporate Advisory Group and also the Principal at Sett & Lucas. He holds a degree in Mathematics from the University of Madras, a CWA certification in costing and cost audit, and a FCA certification in Finance, Auditing and Accounting.

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    Sam Geed

    / Head Operations and Recruitment

    Sam Geed is a result oriented professional with over 14 years of experience in IT industry. He has played various roles at every stage of an IT consulting business ranging from Business Development, Lead Generation, Resource Management to Talent Acquisition. He helps Akidev in managing business relationships and executing organization’s vision while running its day-to-day operations. He is equally effective at identifying new opportunities, developing focus recruitment campaigns and providing tactical business solutions. Sam holds MS degree in Computer Engineering from University of Massachusetts, Lowell

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Our Clients


Akidev is one of Silicon Valley’s leading services organizations providing technology consulting, compliance consulting and outsourcing services - but our real strength comes from combining these services to address our clients’ needs.

Be it Web, Cloud or Mobile, we have competencies to deliver what is best for our clients. We don’t classify ourselves as a company that pretends to be ‘Cloud only’ focused or ‘Mobile only’ focused or for that matter, any ‘Latest-Buzzword only’ focused. At Akidev, our clients come first. We have designed a business model to help our customers achieve their goals in the most efficient way.

Each component of our IT services company is part of the larger organization working on behalf of our customer. Our focus on maintaining a measurable client satisfaction program has created a company culture where each of our employees delivers a world class service, irrespective what their assigned role is. We believe that our deeply ingrained value system has helped us win multiple customers.


Integrity and Respect

Integrity is at the core of all our relationships. Be it employees or customers, we maintain trustworthiness, fairness and transparency in everything that we do.

Customer First

We exist because of our customers and therefore to meet the needs of our customers and do all that can be done to make them successful.

People Matter

Create challenging opportunities for growth and development, recognize, value and reward contributions

Trust and Transparency

Do what we say and say what we do. Listening, seeking to understand the perspective of others, openly sharing opinions are our core beliefs.

Spirit of Ownership

Encourage and empower everyone to take initiative, to lead, to make decisions and to do what’s right.

Flawless Execution

Take risks to maintain our competitive edge. Overcome obstacles through flawless execution and persistence.



Akidev strives to provide services to its clients with emphasis on continuous improvement, pro-active approach, courtesy, timely response, accuracy, and, most importantly, Complete Customer Satisfaction.

Whether you're looking for a small tweak or a complete overhaul, we have you covered. Our services are available a-la-carte so you can get precisely what you need. Flexibility is the key to our offerings, and at the core of this flexibility, is the spirit of Innovation that we bring to our products and services - from the very stage of design to implementation and customer support.




“To do something, however small, to make others happier and better, is the highest ambition, the most elevating hope, which can inspire a human being” – John Lubbock

However small we may be, at Akidev believe that we have an obligation to help those who are less fortunate and under privileged. We recognize that our sustained success and our reputation for being a good corporate citizen means taking our corporate responsibilities and our social responsibility seriously. Apart from being a ‘Responsible Company’, a ‘Responsible Employer’, the company feels most passionately about child poverty, health and education.


Our Services


Curious to know more about Akidev’s ERP Implementation Services? Download now

Akidev offers implementation services for NetSuite, Oracle, SAP R/3, SAP Business One, and SAP Net Weaver. Our services include:

  • Pre-implementation Services
  • Implementation & Upgrade Services
  • Maintenance & Production Support
  • Help-Desk Support

No Automation system is complete if the end user doesn't find value in using it. At Akidev, we believe in empowering users by training them and ensuring that the system is usable and performing appropriately and the business flow is complete and correct.

Some of the critical steps involved in our end-to-end ERP implementation approach:

  • As experts, we generate knowledge about the current business process, design current business flows, and study current business processes and its complication. Our team gives proper insight into a business through flow diagrams and DFDs. All these form a part of an AS IS document.
  • We map processes and do GAP analysis for each module before configuring future business processes in the preferred ERP. DFD/ERDs are prepared and Impact Analysis is done. These are part of the TO BE documentation we present to our customers.
  • Once the above listed documents are approved by the customer, we start the implementation.
  • Once implementation is complete, we work closely with customer’s team to conduct UAT. On a case to case basis, we prepare test scripts for testing the configured scenarios.
  • End user training for maximum adaptability of application

Being flexible is one of our core service-delivery approaches, whether you require an end-to-end implementation or an expert opinion at different stages of implementation or just a consultant on staff augmentation basis, we do it all for our customers.

Our Partners


Curious to know more about Akidev’s CRM Implementation Services? Download now

Marketing Automation, Sales Automation and efficient Customer Service help companies acquire, develop and retain more profitable customer relationships. At the same time , Mobile and Cloud technologies are reshaping the way businesses interact with their customers. Companies that look at customer relationships from a business rather than technology perspective, can build stronger relationships and maximize long-term customer value.

Through the broad range of capabilities, we address every aspect of CRM for our clients. We help our clients maximize productivity for their marketing and sales efforts and, keep their customer-care costs low.

Akidev offers implementation services for multiple CRM products, including Salesforce.com, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Oracle Siebel CRM, Oracle OnDemand, and RightNow. Implementing a CRM solution can be expensive, complex and time-consuming for an organization without prior experience. We work with our customers to harness the most out of their CRM application in cost effective way.

Our end-to-end service offering spans across multiple industries and includes:

  • Strategy
  • Product selection POC developments / Prototyping
  • Implementation and roll-out
  • Custom Development
  • Integration
  • Data Migration
  • Testing
  • User Training
  • Support and Maintenance

Flexibility is the core of our service-delivery approach, whether you require an end-to-end implementation or an expert opinion at different stages of implementation or just a consultant on staff augmentation basis, we do it all for our customers.

Our Partners


Curious to know more about Akidev’s Compliance Services? Download now

In the last few years, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, specifically Section 404, has impacted most businesses. It includes best practices of corporate governance, compliance regulations and internal controls for publicly-held companies.

Whether your company has had a SOX compliance program for several years, recently went through an IPO or is gearing up for an IPO; Akidev’s Compliance practice has a pool of experienced and qualified SOX consultants that can provide cost effective solutions no matter what your needs are. Our SOX consulting services are cost effective when compared to most other service providers in the industry.

Akidev’s IT compliance team possesses a track record of effectiveness in helping clients achieve their IT goals. We utilize our in-depth understanding of business processes, strategy, technologies, and IT risks to meet your compliance requirements.

Our team can assist your organization with assessing initial risk, training, developing project guidelines, and producing documentation. Your business will receive independent, unbiased technology recommendations. We have a pool of resources that help our clients with:

  • Internal Audit
  • SOX compliance
  • Internal IT Controls Testing
  • Security and Access Controls



How can Akidev’s help you identify the right talent? Download now

When the best talent tackles the most compelling challenges, everyone wins.

As an established player in the IT staffing industry, Akidev’s team has over 20 years of experience servicing Fortune 500 and mid-size customers. We pride ourselves in providing not only the highest quality talent but also the best customer experience. Our priority is to understand customer’s business goals and offer flexible and practical staffing solutions to help them achieve these goals.

We can help you to hire the resources with specialized skills on contract basis, permanent basis or contract to hire basis, depending on what your needs are.


It may take an extra effort to find people with specialized & niche skills. We have a dedicated team of recruiters who help us with hiring talent with specialized skills. Of course, there are times when we also face challenges, but Team-Akidev believes that “Being challenged in business is inevitable, being defeated is optional” and we don’t accept defeat. How do we do it? When we have a special skills request we can't fill from our extensive database, we find innovative ways to get the word out through our partner network. Great teams lead to great results, and Akidev is proud of its team’s success in achieving some very challenging goals. Be it for technical skills like Big Data (Hadoop, Hive, MapR etc.), CRM (Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics etc.), ServiceNow, Latest Web technologies like Angular Java etc. or Senior Management roles like Audit Controller, Outsourcing Head, CIOs etc., we can conduct a focused head-hunting to meet your needs.


Identifying talent for customers is key to our success. But at the same time we also understand that our customer’s success depends on the flexibility to staff up or down based on its business demands and the ability to keep costs in check. That’s why Akidev gives you talent resourcing options with:

  • Flexibility - We provide contingent staff on T&M or SOW basis so our customers can quickly ramp up or down their teams to meet organizational and business objectives.
  • Cost benefits - Staff up or down easily in response to business demands and thereby controlling cost. With Team-Akidev on your side, the costs associated with hiring and long-term compensation are reduced.
  • Fast Turn-around time – It’s the combination of our experience, reach and extensive database that helps us have a much faster turnaround time when compared to most others in industry.
  • Whatever is your need – be it a single resource or a team of resources – we will find you the right talent in a timely and cost-effective manner.


An organization is only as good as its people. Therefore, we make extra effort to develop an in-depth understanding of your priorities, business goals, policies and procedures and what it takes to succeed in your work environment. It’s only then that we select those who are best suited to be a part of your team.

We provide the permanent staffing services across all positions in the industry, whether you want an IT professional, management professional or a fresher. Our dedicated team of professional recruiters helps our customers with permanent recruitment.

Finding the right talent for the job is more than matching skills. Our intake process is a thorough assessment of candidates' experience, abilities and interests, so we understand their qualifications and full potential for an assignment.

Our deep understanding of customers we serve and talent we work with results in great matches, for both our customers and the people we place. We follow a 6 step approach in selecting talent:

  • Step 1: Analyzing staffing request
  • Step 2: Initiating recruiting process
  • Step 3: Shortlisting of candidates
  • Step 4: Technical screening
  • Step 5: Reference check
  • Step 6: Selecting the candidates


Curious to know more about Akidev’s Analytics Services? Download now

Today the world is abuzz with keywords such as Big Data, Enterprise BI Frameworks, and Data Analytics etc. What’s in it for you? The biggest challenge any organization faces today in transforming itself into an analytics-driven business is, “Data”. Where is the Data? How is it organized? Is your Data Analytics ready? How do you want to present it? What do you want to see?

Whether they're records kept in spreadsheets and log files, information embedded in photos, videos, tweets and emails, or streams of data from connected devices, sensors and machines, we've been surrounded by vast quantities of data for a long time. Now it has a name — big data. And, getting insights and trends hidden in these many sources of data is Business Analytics.

At Akidev, we believe in putting Business into your Business Intelligence Solutions. For us Business Analytics has more to do with business than being just an IT Tool. We help organizations organize and build a solid DATA foundation for their Business Analytics initiatives. Implementing business analytics to capitalize on big data requires the commitment of every part of your organization. Our approach in implementing a Business Analytics solution includes:

  • Plan — Create a detailed project plan first. Gather resources and inputs, assemble the team of business and IT skills, and ensure that the sponsorship and communication is in place and effective.
  • Discover — Build an analytic development environment to develop, test and refine an initial set of analytics. Initial results allow you to assess the business impact and make recommendations.
  • Select – Identify the right technology to meet business requirements.
  • Act — Execute the plan using technology so you can make use of available data.
  • Embed — Embed the analytics capability into the organization. This will include potentially far-reaching changes to processes, people, organization, data, applications and technology.

Our Partners



Need even more information about Akidev’s QA Services? Download now

With the growth of new devices, smartphones, tablets, operating systems etc. testing and QA is more challenging and important than ever.

There are many ways to build QA into an enterprise. If your IT organization needs a CoE for quality assurance, we can help set one up. If you already have a CoE but need expert opinion in handling new tools and environments or in testing Cloud and Mobile Applications, we can help there, too.

Akidev’s Quality Engineering and Assurance group works with you to accelerate your development initiatives and provides testing support. Our quality assurance experts examine the maturity of your organization’s QA function and assist you in enhancing the cost efficiency of QA efforts.

Some of the testing service provided by our team are:

  • Testing Strategy & Assessment
  • Functional Testing
  • Performance Testing and Validation Services
  • Test Automation
  • Regression Testing Services
  • Data Warehouse Testing and Validation Services
  • ERP Testing and Validation Practice
  • Mobile Application Testing


How can we make disparate products and applications talk to each other ? Download now

Businesses are moving to the Cloud. Rapid growth of organizations and adoption of latest technologies lead to heterogeneity of enterprise application portfolios and, therefore, more information silos. As you build a SaaS application portfolio, you need to chart a mature Cloud integration strategy to eliminate application connectivity and interface limitations. Dealing with the complexities related to integration of Cloud-based applications that extend beyond organizational boundaries is no small challenge. At the same time, integrating SaaS applications with existing on-premise applications is emerging as another huge concern.

With disparate products and applications resulting in a complex IT landscape, enterprises are now adopting Integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) offerings to lower costs and optimize resources. Akidev addresses your needs with its Enterprise Cloud Integration services using iPaaS. We have established strong partnerships with vendors like Dell Boomi, Informatica, IBM Cast Iron, and MuleSoft to design the right integration strategy for you. Our offering portfolio in this space includes:

Integration Advisory Services: For a comprehensive Cloud integration strategy blueprinting for integration of Cloud applications with on premise applications

Implementation and Maintenance Services: For seamless integration of Cloud applications with on-premise applications.

Our Partners



Curious to know more about Akidev’s Content Management Services? Download now

Enterprise content management (ECM) is a category of software that helps you manage all of the unstructured information or content in your enterprise. This information exists in many digital forms such as text documents, engineering drawings, XML, images, audio and video files, and many other file types and formats. ECM manages content from enterprise applications such as enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), and enterprise portals.

ECM also controls the publishing of content through multiple channels. For example, a single piece of content may be published simultaneously to a Web site, broadcasted as a fax, printed as a text document, and sent to a hand held wireless device. ECM is generally considered to be an amalgamation of a number of distinct but interrelated applications such as Enterprise Document Management (EDM), Web Content Management (WCM), Digital Asset Management (DAM), Enterprise Records Management (ERM), Business Process Management (BPM), Enterprise Content Integration (ECI), and Collaborative Content Management (CCM). BPM goes beyond workflow and lifecycle management to define, model, and manage all kinds of business processes consistently and reliably across multiple organizations, systems, and applications.

Akidev provides you truly robust solutions that allow you to manage relationships between pieces of content, allowing one piece of content to have multiple identities depending on how it is used in various contexts and renditions. Our Enterprise Content Management (ECM) services include addressing document management, Enterprise Records Management (ERM), Web Content Management (WCM), Digital Assets Management (DAM) and Business Process Management (BPM). These services help organizations meet business continuity, process integration and compliance requirements.

Our Partners



Curious to know more about Akidev’s Mobile App Development Services? Download now

We provide a complete solution – designing, developing and deploying your mobile apps on iOS and Android Platforms. We have extensive expertise and a strong team of designers and developers with experience developing apps in different verticals - Health care, Education, Gaming & Entertainment, Fashion, Winery, Online Classifieds, Travel, Energy, Sports, Cleaning, Stocks, Real Estate, Enterprise Sales, a variety of Consumer Apps [ Networking, ecommerce, Photo/Video/Audio based, Quiz, Messaging, etc.). We know the app world inside out. Different types of features we have worked on across industries are as follows:

  • GPS or Map Based/ Location based Services
  • Gamification Features within app (example: Leaderboard)
  • Games
  • Barcode / QR code based
  • Photo/ Video / Audio Based
  • Networking
  • eCommerce - Shopping Cart, Payment integration
  • Messaging Features
  • In App purchase
  • Push Notifications
  • and many others..

High Level Methodology

  • Requirement Clarifications and Design Discussions
  • Graphic Design and Wireframe to clarify/confirm the flow and get client acceptance/signoff
  • Develop UI part of the mobile application [with hardcoded data] to give an actual feel of the application and flow to the client and get feedback
  • Periodic client meetings to appraise status and discuss any issues
  • Develop and test Web services, and complete server side code
  • Make the mobile application functional with web services feeding the real data.
  • Provide Interim builds to client for feedback
  • Test and Bug Fixing cycle before final client release
  • Client acceptance testing [Bug fixing and Support during this period]
  • Deployment

Our Partners


How can Akidev train your team at your premises and bring down the training cost? Download now

Does your organization have plans in the next few months to put a group of employees through Project Management, Business Analysis, Agile or CSM training? If yes, we can hold an onsite class for your employees at a much lower training cost per employee. Akidev has developed a program that enables organizations to deliver high quality training at their own sites, on their own schedules and with a low cost structure. This program ensures the continuity of standardized training. This will save your employee their precious time and save you their travel costs in the process. If you're not certain that your company is a candidate for onsite Project Management training, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does your company have 5 or more employees who need the same type of training?
  • Does your company prefer to limited travel budgets?
  • Does your company support an in-house training environment?

If you answered "Yes" to any of the above, then we can host a training course at your site. Akidev offers onsite trainings for a variety of topics in the following areas:

  • Project Management
  • Business Analysis
  • Introduction to Agile (1 day course)
  • Agile Training
  • Certified Scrum Master

Program Benefits

  • Lowers training cost – Group trainings at your site keep per employee training cost much lower.
  • Save travel time – We train your employees at your own site, hence save them travel time.
  • Flexibility – You can schedule training when it best suits you, depending on availability of your employees.
  • Training Material – We provides your company with the highest quality training materials.
  • Coaches - We provide high-caliber trainers / coaches / instructors to train your employees


How can Akidev bring down the cost of your staff augmentation without impacting the delivery deadlines? Download now

Maintaining an appropriately skilled IT department is one of the most important -- and costly -- components of any organization. Ensuring availability of necessary technical and niche skills for critical short-term projects can mean having these costly resources sit idle during periods of low demand. To control costs it is important that efficiency and flexibility are at the core of the engagement model so that projects can be delivered on increasingly tighter budgets without compromising quality. IT staff augmentation seems to be an extension of the "rightsizing" movement and remains one of the most demanding and vigorous marketplaces in the world.

Benefits of Akidev’s Offshore IT Staff Augmentation Services:

We offer staff augmentation services across a wide variety of technical and functional skill sets, and maintain a bench of skilled resources ready to rapidly respond to your shifting requirements. Our experienced team is ready to support your strategic and tactical business needs. Whatever the client staff augmentation requirements are, Akidev is ready to meet them.

  • Cost Effectiveness: Typical savings are 40-60% when compared to onshore rates. This provides clients with a mechanism to temporarily augment their resource base without breaking their budget.
  • Time Efficient: Our staff members will be dedicated to you and will have expertise and experience in desired technologies. They will work with you to complete projects within a specified time period and help you meet your business goals.
  • Direct Access: You will have direct access to these resources and you can directly assign work to them. Working with our resources would be exactly like working with your own employees.
  • Flexibility: Our India facilities are open 24/7, so resources can be available during your work day or around the clock as required. Additionally, the team size can ramp up and down depending on immediate needs so no one is idle and the client is never without required resources.
  • Skills: With extensive in-house expertise across technical and functional areas and access to a large resource pool in India, we can supply expertise in virtually any application, product, or function to meet your needs.
  • IP Protection: We offers expert knowledge transfer and assist in maximizing the security of your technology and proprietary information. Therefore all intellectual property or copyrights of the work done by our resources would remain with you.

Akidev’s Offshore Staff Augmentation Skills:

Akidev offers the comprehensive skills our clients expect from their offshore staff augmentation partner, including:

  • Salesforce.com Developers and Admins
  • Oracle DBAs
  • Oracle EBS DBAs
  • Oracle EBS Technical Resources
  • .NET application Developers
  • Dedicated SharePoint Developers
  • QA Automation Resources
  • PHP Developers
  • Android Application Developers
  • Windows Mobile Programmers
  • iPhone & iPad Application Developers


Today’s CFO faces increasing challenges and demands from the board, stakeholders and other external as well as internal sources. CFO’s role and focus has expanded and, to certain degree, changed in last few decades. This expanding role requires balancing traditional finance responsibilities, managing risk, strategy and operational performance. Latest technologies and applications have helped CFOs enhance quality of their deliverables.

CFO office is built to LEAD

Leadership - Create a strong finance leadership team to achieve the best results for the organization and shareholders.

Earnings – Improve organization’s earnings and gain confidence of management, board and stakeholders.

Analytics – Use latest technology and adopt Analytics driven approach to get better insight.

Decisions – Make better and quick decisions based on the insight received through analytics driven approach.

Our CFO Solutions are meant for small and medium enterprises or pre-IPO companies. Our team provides holistic and practical solutions. We collaborate with CFOs and their finance and accounting teams to provide services that allow them to achieve desired results in the most efficient way. As your trusted advisors, our goal is to put CFOs in the best possible position to succeed by arming them with data analytics, the right tool sets and strong insights.

We can help the CFO in following ways:

  • Enabling sustainable financial performance
  • Optimizing finance team performance
  • Creating an analytics-driven approach
  • IPO preparation
  • Risk Management


We’re growing like crazy. So we always need more talented people (with long hair, short hair or for that matter, no hair at all) to join our global team.

When the best people tackle the most compelling challenges, everyone wins. Nothing is more important to us than hiring the right people. This is what we all believe in at Akidev. Our team has charismatic extroverts, quiet geniuses, methodical philosophers, and hands-on hustlers. Therefore, be it to augment our customer’s requirements or to add talent to our Center of Excellence, we are always looking to hire the best talent in the industry.

As a client-centric organization, we recognize that our business is only as big as our people. We encourage our talent to take risks, explore new avenues and ultimately achieve excellence to satisfy every client. We work with every employee and provide necessary education, and training to ensure our customer’s success.

Interested in being able to constantly expand on what you do? Find out about opportunities for growth. Send your resume to hr@akidev.com


Network with us

We’re a company that likes to network. And, while this site has all the nitty gritty details on who we are and what it’s like to work at Akidev, we think one of the best ways to get to know us is through social media. So follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook and get connect with us on LinkedIn. Not only will you get to know us – and vice versa – but you’ll be among the first to hear about the latest career opportunities


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